Human’s nutrition represents one of the fundamental pillars of its structure. Everyone’s health and balance, is in direct correlation with food. The habit of proper nutrition, brings, along with other right behaviour elements, a healthy life. It is not important only what we eat, but also how much, when and how we eat. Not only unhealthy food harms human body, but also inappropriate feeding manner, derived from wrong eating behaviour.

We live in “FAST” century. Everything is a race against time. Everything must be done as well as possible, at the fastest rate possible. “Fast food” is an unhappy consequence, which we embellished in time under the image of “normal lifestyle”. We needed a long time to understand that fast food is the equivalent of unhealthy lifestyle, in which the one who suffers is oneself.

Assaulted by a flow of information, sometimes contradictory, we don’t know anymore what is good to eat. What should be in our plate? This question became a true dilemma. One thing is certain. To proper feed ourselves and to avoid chronic diseases, there are a few indisputable recommendations: increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, decreased consumption of simple sugars. 

A complete food regime, balanced and diversified ensures that the organism has all necessary nutritious substances for an optimum functioning. Such a regime includes regular consumption of fruits and vegetables and contributes to maintaining the health condition.

Fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy lifestyle and learning, from the earliest age, of appropriate food habits contributes to creating healthy and balanced organism as well as preventing serious health issues (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and child obesity).