School Fruit Scheme - Implementation in Vaslui County

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The programme’s objectives are:

  • Pupils’ awareness about healthy nutrition based on fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Learning and fixating healthy nutrition habits within pupils

The programme concerning the encouragement of fruits consumption in schools during the school year will take place following the next schedule:

  • Fruit distribution: maximum 86 schooling days, during the entire school year according to the availability of funds;
  • Development of adjacent measures: during the entire school year

The adjacent measures have an important educational character and are meant to contribute at the development of pupils’ knowledge concerning the specificity of fruits and vegetables as agricultural products, its role in human nutrition, as well as the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables consumption.

For the school year 2014-2015, the Health Authority, represented by the Ministry of Health, decided that the eligible product will be the apple. The criteria that formed the basis of choosing this product were the following:

  • The intake of vitamins and minerals – considering that in the chosen period for distribution, the quantity of vitamins and minerals is low, it was considered that the apple is the most appropriate fruit in terms of nutrition.
  • Conditioning and presentation – the apple presents a low degree of perishability and requires minimum conditions of temporary storage
  • Low costs of acquisition and distribution
  • The period of distribution coincides with the end of harvesting the apples, the children being able to consume products that did not required long times of storage
  • The popularity of the product, the apple being one of the most known and consumed fruits.

The target group of the programme is represented by pupils who attend primary and secondary education in state and private education authorized/accredited by Ministry of National Education.

In Vaslui County the total amount assigned for implementing the programme for encouraging the consumption of fresh fruits in schools is of 1602,01 thousands lei from which 1393,05 thousands lei assigned for apple distribution and 208,96 thousands lei for implementing adjacent measures.

Programme’s implementation in the county started on January 26th 2015.

The number of schools participating in the programme is of 367 and the total number of pupils that benefit from programme’s implementation is 42633, the distribution in Vaslui County being made according to a framework scheme and on distribution areas as follows:

  • Area I – Vaslui – 17309 pupils
  • Area II – Barlad – 16860 pupils
  • Area III – Husi – 8464 pupils