Presentation of the Programme

Programme’s objectives

The programme of free distribution of fruits (apples) in schools – is an European programme meant to encourage the consumption of fruits in schools and to promote forming of healthy nutrition habits and preventing different health conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and child obesity), advertising the advantages of nutritional and physiological character concerning the intake of vitamins and minerals by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables.

Also, the programme includes Adjacent measures of apples’ distribution, which consist in extracurricular activities developed by professors and pupils which benefit from it, such as thematic contests, acquiring tools and utensils destined to agriculture/fruit production, visits to research units from the area of Fruit production or to museums, etc. These measures have an important educational character and are meant to contribute to developing pupils’ knowledge about fruit specificity as agricultural products, of its role in human nutrition and the benefits of consumption of fresh fruits.

Financial aid requested by county councils and City halls of Bucharest Municipality sectors for apples distributed to pupils from 1st to 8th class and preparatory class which attend state and private education authorized/accredited by Ministry of National Education, is paid by the Agency for Payment and Intervention for Agriculture within the limits of annual established funds by Governmental Decision.

Beneficiaries of financial aid

The beneficiaries of the programme are pupils from 1st to 8th classes which attend to state and private education authorized/accredited by Ministry of National Education. Beginning with school year 2012-2013, of the provisions of the programme also benefit pupils from preparatory class, which attend to state and private education authorized/accredited.

Financial aid requested by county councils is given only for school days and only for pupils present at classes. During holidays and during school camps organized by the educational establishment or educational authority which administer that educational establishment is not given financial aid.

The total number of school days and the number of pupils who benefit from it, will be notified to the applicants of financial aid by an addendum issued by the county school inspectorate or inspectorates of Bucharest Municipality sectors, accordingly.

The amount of financial aid

Beginning with school year 2010-2011, the fruits distributes to pupils, the period of time and the frequency of distribution, as well as the limit of daily value/pupil are updated annually by a Government Decision, according to the evolution of prices and rates.

The value limit includes the entire price of acquisition of fruits, including value added tax, transportation expenses, distribution and storage of it, accordingly.

According to Government Decision no.788/2014, for school year 2014-2015, it will be given free the apples, within the daily value limit of 0,37 lei/pupil, for a period of time of maximum 86 schooling days.

In Vaslui County, the total amount assigned for fruit distribution and for implementing adjacent measures in school year 2014-2015 is of 1602,01 thousands lei.

The period of implementation of the programme: ongoing

August 1st 2014 – July 31st 2015